Helping a growing business scale-up and increase revenue

Fourth Dimension are the company other companies go to manage complex change and growth. That’s why it was such a privilege for us to provide support which helped them to grow their own business.

Tell us a bit about Fourth Dimension…

Founded in 2010, Fourth Dimension are a specialist consultancy who offer bespoke, tailored support for a wide range of commercial industries.

They are experts in delivering business transformation, managing complex change projects and developing people across multiple sectors. They’re particular strength is in design, implementation and sustainability. They currently work with around 40 clients, from entrepreneurial owner-managed businesses to blue chip corporate operating units.

Owners Peter and Tony Copsey have extensive experience of running different types of businesses, and therefore have an informed understanding of the kind of cost/time/resource constraints faced by organisations of all sizes. If, for example, an entrepreneurial owner-managed company is struggling to keep up with the pace the MD wants it to move at, 4D can help establish robust processes which allow it to grow efficiently.

With corporates, complexity, stretched resources and slow adoption of change are the common challenges. In both cases, 4D will seek to establish what they see as the perfect scenario, which is, “great people running great processes”.

The support we’ve received from PA Business Support has been indispensable and would recommend them to any business looking for a flexible solution that allows them to grow and become more efficient.

Tony Copsey, Director, Fourth Dimension

Optimising the back office.
Supporting sales and marketing.

When 4D started out, owners Peter and Tony Copsey were doing everything themselves – running projects, generating sales and managing their own back office. Rapid growth meant that Peter and Tony needed a resource to help on two fronts: improving the back office processes, and helping with sales and marketing activity. This would allow them to focus on client projects.

However, 4D is openly an associate-based network which means they bring in specialists rather maintain a full-time dedicated workforce. This is one of their strengths, as it allows them to be agile and responsive as well as offer bespoke solutions. Sticking with this principle they were looking for a flexible, contracted resource as opposed to a direct hire. So they came to PA Business Support.


We spoke at length with Sabina, then met with Sophie, and we were immediately impressed by PA Business Support’s approach. They had both already discussed some of the app-based systems for things like expenses and timesheets, so very quickly we got a sense that they knew how to automate much of our back office.

PA Business Support immediately got to work sourcing the right person. They offered several candidates, and 4D settled on Jenny, an experienced PA and EA with a commercial background. According to Tony, “She clearly had the right mix of both admin skills and a good set of skills around sales and marketing.

Peter Copsey, Director, Fourth Dimension

Bringing the business up to speed

Jenny was able to hit the ground running and immediately begin freeing up
Tony and Peter to concentrate on the core business.

Two years later 4D has doubled in size. Peter attributes much of this to Jenny: “Year one was all about getting back office systems in place and well organised, and she exceled at that. Year two has been about moving forward on sales development, keeping in touch with our network.

Jenny does this marvellously with all our key contacts (over four hundred), speaking to and meeting with them on a regular basis, running focused ‘cold-calling’ campaigns, updating LinkedIn and sending out a regular newsletter.”

Jenny has made a significant, tangible difference to our business.

Tony Copsey, MD, Fourth Dimension