Rapport Building

Building Rapport

Many of the skills we develop in life are unconsciously fostered business skills. However, once we enter the world of work, our new surroundings can confuse our instincts, placing otherwise normal behaviours into the context of the “professional.” This distinction can throw us off, putting unnecessary pressure on a situation as we try our best…

going green

The Many Benefits of Going Green

Selling the benefits of green energy is reassuringly easy. Following President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, the leaders of France, Germany and Italy refused his assertion that the deal could be ‘renegotiated’, pushing through the original deal in spite of American withdrawal. Undeterred, Merkel’s spokesman Steffan Seibert tweeted: “now more…


Bitcoin: Should more businesses adapt?

In 2016, over $26.7 billion was lost to credit card fraud, with up to 46% of Americans being affected in the past 5 years. Not only this, but more than 976 million data records were lost or stolen during data breaches last year, with the business sector accounting for 45% of this figure. With statistics…

business landscape

How AI will reshape the business landscape

In a recent article by The Guardian, a study was cited examining the jobs most at risk of automation. Conducted by Drs. Carl Frey and Michael Osborne, the paper concluded that jobs such as loan officers, taxi drivers and telemarketers were most at risk of automation, whilst musicians, physicians and psychologists were the least at…


Why You Deserve a Personalised Recruitment Service

Recruitment consultants and agencies don’t always have the best reputation. Have you ever been contacted by a recruiter for a job that doesn’t suit your skillset? Or bombarded with inappropriate CVs for a position you are seeking to fill? Unfortunately, if you haven’t had a negative experience yourself, you probably know someone who has. Finding…


How to avoid Clickbait

(Number 4 will shock you!) In my last post I explored some of the key faults in Uber’s business strategy and its relationship with the company’s scandalous reputation (clickbait translation: How one student single-handedly brought down Uber’s Empire). Having done that, I thought I’d turn my attention to the more frivolous but no less contentious…


Populist summer: A perfect storm of economic change

The concept of populism is in its simplest definition a self-effacing political virtue. Perhaps for this reason, something as simple as “concern for ordinary people” is striking a chord with voters across the globe in an ever-shifting geo-political landscape. However the word these days is more likely to be used when describing the meteoric rise…


The Problem with Meritocracy

How to avoid Uber’s ‘Hobbesian’ business model. Despite modern connotations, the term meritocracy was first coined by Michael Young in his satirical essay ‘The Rise of Meritocracy’, depicting a dystopian future society in which the brightest and best have risen to the top and hardened into a new ruling class. As a supporter of the…


Internships: A student’s perspective

– Why it’s good for us and why it’s good for you Like most students who aren’t in a vocational degree, I’m constantly thinking about my career and what direction it will take. It will come as no surprise to anyone that the employment model ‘good grades = good job’ isn’t as stable as it…

Popular Apps

9 Apps We Couldn’t Live Without

For small and medium business owners, anything that makes our lives easier, saves time, and increases productivity, is worth knowing about. We’ve put together some of the apps we couldn’t live without. Take a look at these for when you need to: Manage finances and cashflow We love using Xero to help us keep on…

cyber crime

Protecting Your Business from Cyber Crime

Many small and medium business owners are underestimating their risk of being targeted by cyber criminals, believing they are less of an attractive target than bigger organisations. Worryingly, the opposite is true, as hackers are increasingly focusing their efforts on small businesses. This is because SMEs tend to have lower defences than larger businesses, usually…