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Lending a hand to a truly ‘people’ business

They say bad habits are hard to break, and that’s the exact mission that lies at the core of one of PA Business Support’s newest clients, Changing Point.

The self proclaimed ‘people business’ has placed itself in the hands of the PA Business Support team since the new year to support their development as facilitators of organisational change through challenging attitudes and embedding behaviours. In other words, focusing on the people behind the business and a people-centric focus in enabling a business to move forward.

Changing Point adapts psychological insights and knowledge to work with employees in organisations of all sizes across a wide range of sectors the private, public and third sectors to address real barriers to change in business.

Originating from a strong foothold in Scotland, the business has over 12 years’ experience supporting clients in the area of organisational change. The opening of their first London office in 2014 and a support demand for day-to-day administration led Partner Jayne Ruff to make contact with the PA Business Support team. It should come as no surprise that PA Business Support’s personal care for clients fell much in line with that of Changing Point – the aligning of brand values with professional services focused on professional touches.

Too often there is an imbalance in the time spent focusing on agreeing the right policy and implementing the right support system, at the cost of thinking about the organisation’s people. The reality is that often businesses make a lot of assumptions about their employees, the way they feel about change and how they will react to it.

Jayne Ruff, Partner Changing Point

Providing logistical support

After a swift introduction, PA Business Support’s Jenny came on board with the task of providing logistical support to the company’s main focus – delivering behavioral change programmes.

This essentially meant managing any external relationships such as couriers, venues and printers to enable the business to deliver objectives effectively. The consistent and reliable managing of these everyday systems allows Jayne to channel her energy and focus into the development of the business in a wider context.

The support is by no means ‘behind the scenes’ either – Jenny has a client facing visible presence during all of the company’s open events – speaking directly to delegates to provide a consistent point of contact in preparation of, during and post event.

After just four months on board, the company is now looking to expand her role to utilise internal systems – a great reflection of the personal and professional trust that has been quickly established in the working relationship.

With an estimated 80 per cent of change initiatives failing to deliver to expectations, Changing Point became increasingly aware very quickly that people were the real tide of behavioural change in any business.

Changing Point is at an exciting stage in our own change journey. The business is going from strength to strength, and we foresee significant growth over the coming years. PA Business Support’s seamless support will be essential to us during this growth period, ensuring that we continue to provide a tailored and personal service to an increasing number of organisations across the UK and overseas.

Jayne Ruff, Partner Changing Point

A ‘top-down’ approach

With its ‘top-down’ approach, often the Changing Point team find it is senior management that are the key in a behavioral shift in any organisation.

Following an examination of behavior, the only other requirement from their clients is the need to be adaptable and fluid. The view is somewhat simple – an agile outlook is essential in order to avoid obstacles and embrace opportunities. Be open to change, and it can happen!

With no two days the same, the support provided by a virtual assistant too needs to be adaptable and agile. With the nature of the business leaning towards service and long term drivers for change; reliability and consistency in VA support allows the business to again deliver a bespoke service to their clients safe in the knowledge the day to day logistics are being handled.

The seamless merging of VA support into the organisation reflects the thoughtful change approach Changing Point take with the clients. This is not the ’60 Minute Makeover’ of business overhauls – rather, embedded and sustained positive change which challenges behavior and ideas to steers towards self-generated shifts. In other words, steering the client to question, change and adapt in a way that suits them and in their own time instead of dictating ‘the way forward’ in a forceful and disconnected way.

With further expansion of the business now planned across London, the UK and Europe in coming years, the flexibility of VA support means Changing Point can align support in line with their needs at any given time.

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