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Do you know your brand’s social identity?

Do you know your brand inside out? If not, releasing your brand into the digital world where it can be prodded and poked would be like going to a party naked. Very unsettling! Get to know your brand so that what you post, share and comment on leaves a lasting impression and is consistent.
Back to basics: What is a brand? 
Branding was originally used to solve one problem: ‘Hundreds of cattle, now which ones are mine?’ The motivation for burning a label into a cow’s bum is not too dissimilar to the reason your brand can be your making or your unravelling. There are hundreds, if not thousands of businesses just like yours. Your brand sets you apart from the rest and allows customers to quickly and confidently identify and select you.
A strong brand is one that clearly and consistently tells your customer what you are about and why you are uniquely able to offer them what they want. Think Apple, Google, BMW.
What is your brand?
Brands are like people, if they don’t know themselves they become confused, and at some point are going to burn out and have to take a 6-month trip to India to ‘find themselves’. Here are five key steps to getting your head round your brand and avoiding a business identity crisis:
5 fun ways to get to know your brand
1. Know your customer – Can you describe your ideal customer, for whom your brand is the only sensible choice? If you can’t, use the free market research that is available to you: social media. What do your customers say, do, share and engage with?
2. Know your competition – Can you name your competition and explain in one breath what it is that makes you distinctly different? Stalk them in the digital space like you would an ex and be sure you know how your online interactions would be different.
3. Make a customer brand promise – Take all you know about your competition, your customers and your own business and craft a customer promise. This should communicate what you uniquely offer to any potential customer. Keep this in mind in all of your communications.
4. Give your brand a life – If your brand was a person what would they be like? What would they Google late at night, what apps would they have on their iPhone? The more you know about the personal habits, likes and dislikes of your brand, the more genuine and consistent it will be brought to life in the online space.
5. Be all about your brand – A brand is the summary of all your communications to a customer. Make sure you are communicating that brand and its core promise to customers at every opportunity – from conversations on the phone, to your website, to your marketing material, to the world of interactions supported by social media.
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