As the owner of a small business, employing just 12 people, I have to wear many hats. Whilst I didn’t have the need for full time business support, I found myself getting bogged down in the day-to-day “stuff” on top of leading a team and growing a business. I always thought it would be easier to “just do it myself.” Then I was recommended PA Business Support and within just six short months, Jo has made my life a whole lot easier. We have a set block of hours that she’s dedicated to supporting me per month and they’re used in line with the rhythms and rituals of the business so it’s totally flexible. She takes things off my to-do list, has taken on board the tasks that were bogging me down and preventing me from getting on with the bigger picture and her pro-active approach and intuitive nature means that she adds value and support that I hadn’t even considered possible. She just gets on with stuff and nothing is too much trouble. Aside from the business element of the relationship, she’s a great woman and a brilliant cultural fit too. She might be virtual, but she’s definitely become a part of the team that we wouldn’t be without.