Following 3 years of managing everything ourselves, the business volumes had got to a stage of requiring further support. We found we were spending time on routine activities and not doing sufficient marketing and sales work to ensure a constant pipeline of new clients and project work. We decided to contract support on a virtual assistant basis, in keeping with our flexible resources and variable cost approach. We contracted with PA Business Support, as Sophie understood fully our requirements and was able to match a member of their team to our broad brief. 2 years in working with Jenny, we have been delighted with the support and work Jenny has produced for us. During this time we have managed to fully automate our back office system to simple app based interfaces and quick cloud software. Jenny has fully adopted this, allowing a high proportion of her time to be focused on supporting our clients, our contact network and marketing activities. During this period we have seen significant growth in our business and client base. We would highly recommend the virtual assistant resources managed by PA Business Support.