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How Singaporean Businesses Can Benefit From Using A VA

Running your own business is the dream of many a creative, driven and socially orientated person. However, the upkeep of such a venture can often bring with it a tidal wave of admin, travel and general tasks that didn’t feature so prominently in the initial stages of planning your dream career. Suddenly your day to day is clogged with said tasks on such a frequent basis that the business tasks that you actually looked forward to completing, take their place at the back of the queue.

Without some way to stem the flow of emails, copy writing, CRM etc. it can be hard to feel as though your business is progressing at its optimal rate, and this can negatively impact motivation and work satisfaction.

We have already published a blog here outlining some ways that companies who use virtual assistants in the UK can benefit from just ten hours a week. However, many VA firms do not advertise Singapore services, so many Asia businesses may not be aware of the advantages of using a virtual PA.

Time Saving:

As mentioned above, administrative tasks can be a drain on resources, motivation and time that neither you nor your business will ever get back. The time constraints placed on businesses by these necessary chores has led to a growing number of virtual assistant companies offering virtual PA services to a range of clientele, usually within the SME sector. There is real opportunity to be found in utilising these services, especially in a city like Singapore, a bustling business hub where your time and energy are of the utmost value. After all, your efforts should be spent on designing products; making sales and doing whatever you need to do to grow your business.

Local Support:

Modern technology has made it possible to operate services on an international scale more easily than ever before, as such, unlike many other UK virtual assistant companies, PA Business Support operates from different regions. This means that the virtual assistants are highly qualified and know the ins and outs of doing business within the city of Singapore. This yields numerous advantages to anyone just starting out in the city, but it also should ease any anxieties more experienced business people based in Singapore might have about using international virtual PA services. Business is sometimes nuanced, and understanding those subtleties and how they work within your environment is something a virtual assistant should demonstrate for the benefit of their client and their client’s business alike.

Round The Clock Support:

Globally integrated businesses operate in multiple time zones, therefore negating the issue of out of hour’s business calls. Just drop an email to someone in the UK office of PA Business Support for instance, and expect correspondence regarding your request. Given the round the clock nature of modern day business practices, the possibility of multiple offices operating in multiple time zones is beneficial to both parties, and allows maximum efficiency and productivity for both the client and the virtual assistant agency.
If you are interested in speaking to our Singapore office then contact our Director, Jacqueline Renz here. She will be able to talk through your requirements and help find the right support for you.

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