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How to grow your business by using a Virtual PA for 10 hours a week

Companies using virtual personal and executive assistant services for 10 hours per week experience increased growth rates.

Remember the days when people had a job for life and businesses were run from offices? Back then there was no such thing as ‘work/life balance’. Freelancing was only for the bold and the fearless, and the concept of virtual PA services in the UK, even in London, were far from virtual. Nowadays the game has proverbially changed. It’s less about offices and more about communities. It’s less about the ‘tried and tested/ and more about experimenting. And fundamentally it’s less about grinding and more about being clever and strategic with your time.
This need to be strategic increases exponentially as your business grows, leading to more pressure and, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or a small business, a greater workload. Full-time PA recruitment has long been a solution, but a new trend is starting to lead the way: the virtual assistant or VA.
At PA Business support, we’ve seen our clients benefit from hiring a VA for as little as 10 hours a week (40 hours a month). From experience, this is the minimum we’d recommend – it gives the VA enough time to get to know the business sufficiently to start adding significant value.
Here are 6 reasons why employing a virtual assistant for only 10 hours a week will help your business be more scaleable.

Save time and increase revenue by recruiting a VA

Your most valuable asset is time. Without the time to develop ideas, build relationships and think strategically, you’ll hit a growth ceiling. Hiring a remote Virtual Assistant for only 10 hours a week reaps exponential benefits – our VAs are highly efficient and focus only on the tasks you give them, allowing you to focus on increasing revenue.

Virtual PA services are the most cost-effective way to grow a business

It’s probably obvious that Virtual PA or virtual executive assistant services save money on things like employee benefits, HR expenditures and lengthy recruiting processes, especially in the UK. Our VAs work within the budget you set, meaning you can plan for growth in a more robust way while keeping your options open.

Virtual Assistants increase efficiency, productivity and fast-track progress

In order to implement a more streamlined operation, consider a virtual assistant service. Because VAs work remotely, both sides are forced to focus on effective communication and more efficient processes, leading to a much more productive business.

Executive and VA assistant services can help with online customer relationships

Responding to customer communications and maintaining your social media is one of the most time-sensitive parts of a modern business. This demand can increase rapidly as your business expands. Our VAs can act as the eyes and ears of your company online, helping you stay responsive to customers and protect your brand’s reputation.

VA’s reduce risk during periods of change

Our virtual personal assistants are capable of handling large volumes of work, and can be flexible when it comes to shifting priorities. This makes it easier to adapt to the business’s needs without the need to worry about long term contracts, redundancies and debilitating break clauses.

Productivity is increased with a VA

The big plans and bold ideas of most entrepreneurs often get bogged down by mundane tasks. A VA ensures that this doesn’t happen – freeing you up to focus on driving the business forward.

So there you have it – VA’s are not just a nice to have, they are the perfect way to reduce your capital needs and bridge the gap between startup and growth, without crippling your cash flow.

PA Business Support have some of the most competent and professional Virtual Assistant in the UK and globally. Whether you’re a high flyer or a self-starter, get in touch with us now to talk about hiring a VA to provide the kind of executive assistant services which will supercharge your business’s growth.

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