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Interview with a supplier: Peter, the website guy

Peter is our go-to person for anything to do with web and digital design. If our website needs to be updated, or an advert needs designing, Peter gets onto it quickly and efficiently. He’s been working with PA Business Support for a good few years now, and he’s continually impressed us. We’ve even come to think of him as part of the family. But don’t take our word for it – let Peter tell you more about his role…

So Peter, what’s your story?

Hello! Well, I’m a graphic designer and web developer who recently went freelance (in 2016). Before that I spent ten years agency-side, working with some great clients on all types of projects. These days I offer bespoke web and graphic design solutions for any type of business: from logos, business cards and brochures to small scale websites, fully functioning e-commerce platforms and everything in between.

What type of clients do you work for?

You won’t believe the diversity. I’ve worked with pest controllers, financial advisors, marketing companies, gyms, removal companies, electricians, builders, clothing brands… you name it, I’ve done it. I also still partner with large marketing agencies every now and again as well.

How did you and PABS meet?

A fellow graphic designer friend of mine (who also works with PABS) called me in to help with a project. At the time I had only just gone freelance. I met Sophie and Sabina and we all got on really well – chemistry is important in a working relationship. It was actually exciting to be involved with such a rapidly growing business. From there I did a few more jobs for them, and the rest was history. These days I feel like a regular part of the team.

So for your sins, what do the PABS team make you do?

You make it sound like a chore. It’s definitely not – I get to have quite a lot of input so I feel a great sense of ownership on the projects I’m set. Most of the time I’m carrying out general updates to the website, including uploads to the blog and monthly plug-in and theme updates. Sophie and Sabina also offer my services to their clients, if they need website maintenance or redesign, or any graphic design work. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

So you’re saying you enjoy working for PABS (not trying to put words into your mouth of course!)?

Yes! PABS are great to work for. They’re always very clear about what they want (not something you find common with clients in my line of work) and very responsive. Even though Sophie and Sabina aren’t web developers they’re knowledgeable enough to ask the right kind of questions and have a pretty good grasp of the technical side of things. That’s extremely helpful. It sounds like a cliché, but I’d also say I’m impressed with how professional and understanding they’ve been since we all started working together. If something ever goes wrong, no fingers get pointed, we all club together to find a solution.

So it sounds like there’s lots of ‘pros’ – are there any ‘cons’?

Well, when you’re doing work that you enjoy, with people who are friendly and understanding, and with the flexibility that working remotely offers, you don’t really think about the cons. I guess the work can sometimes be a bit repetitive, especially if I’m just doing blog uploads, but that’s balanced out by the more complex challenges. The only real problem – and this is something that affects freelance web developers everywhere – is that it requires regular availability, which is a challenge if planning to take a long holiday.

What would you say the most rewarding thing about the work you do with PABS is?

I think I would say that the most rewarding thing to date was a project for one of PABS’s clients, Business Critical Solutions (BCS). They wanted to revamp their website, so Sophie and Sabina sent me in to redesign and build it. The client absolutely loved the design, and to be honest the whole process couldn’t have gone any smoother.

Seeing as PABS is all about talent, how do you feel your career has changed since starting?

Working with PABS has genuinely helped me to develop as a professional freelancer, and Sophie and Sabina have been very supportive and influential in that. There’s a steep learning curve as a freelancer, as you figure out how to charge and how to demonstrate a proper return on investment for a client. Issues like spamming, SEO, website scores etc. all become something you have to be able to explain and deliver on – not like my old agency days when other departments would handle all that. Suffice to say that these days difficult and tricky situations are a lot easier to handle from a professional point of view – and I have PABS to thank for that.

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