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Looking for a Private PA?

Looking for a Private PA? Top tips for finding the best with a boutique recruitment agency

Looking for a Private PA? Top tips for finding the best with a boutique recruitment agency

A private PA is an integral part of many wealthy households. They are the discreet, organisational powerhouses that work hard behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly. 

Put simply, when you find a good private PA, your life gets easier. Things are more organised, communication is improved, and you can rest easy knowing that someone has everything in your household under control.

Taking the time to hire the right private PA is certainly worth the effort. If you’re considering hiring a private PA for yourself or your family office, read on to learn more about how to get this right the first time.

Get expert advice

Hiring someone for the first time can be incredibly overwhelming, and it helps to have expert support. Working with a niche recruitment agency will give you access to their extensive knowledge and experience. 

You’ll be able to lean on their insight and intuition in a way that could help you to make smarter hiring decisions. They will also have access to an extensive network of individuals actively looking for work, so you’ll already be one step ahead in your search.

Be specific in your job description

It’s tempting to be vague in your job description in the hope that this will attract more candidates, but the opposite tends to be true. Candidates respond to detailed job descriptions as it allows them to better assess their skills and experience and decide if they are a good match.

It can be difficult to know exactly what a private PA will be needed for but try to be as specific as possible. Start by making a list of areas where you need assistance, and then turn these into key responsibilities for your new potential hire. Private PA candidates know that flexibility is expected as part of the job, so they will know how to interpret a job description.

Cast a wide net

Some families will only hire based on personal recommendations, but this could greatly limit the candidates available to you. While recommendations can be useful, you will miss out on incredible candidates that you have yet to meet. Instead, try to be open to suggestions from your agency. 

They will have extensive experience in hiring for these types of positions, so make the most of their knowledge and expertise. It can prevent you from falling into the trap of limiting your choices based on your current circles.

Always check multiple references

References are essential in the Private PA sector, as many candidates are prevented from discussing previous postings due to non-disclosure agreements. This can make it difficult for candidates to speak candidly about their previous posts. However, a reference can help to fill in the gaps.

We can assist with sourcing references from previous employers to help you feel more confident in your final choice.

Take your time

It’s better to spend a little longer finding the right fit rather than having to start the hiring process again in a few months. 

Have an open dialogue with your recruitment agency. They will have good knowledge about the candidates, their capabilities and how they will fit long term into your role and your family or household.

The objective of a boutique agency is to match you with the perfect individual for the role. Every round of feedback helps us to understand you and your business a little better, and this can bring us closer to matching you with the ideal private PA.

Think about the onboarding process

Bringing a new person on board to manage personal aspects of your life can be incredibly stressful. An effective onboard process will make this streamlined and simple for everyone involved. This will ensure that the private PA has the knowledge and confidence to take action on your behalf, but this will be introduced at a gradual and manageable pace. 

We all want to find someone that can hit the ground running, but throwing them in at the deep end isn’t always the best approach. Everyone will be happier and more fulfilled if you can build an effective onboarding process.

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