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Meet our VA: Georgie

What were you doing before you became a social media and digital communications specialist for PABS?
Contracting as a digital communications advisor in Australia and New Zealand. Including running a year-long interactive anniversary celebration for an Australian University and more recently managing online communication for the New Zealand government’s Earthquake Commission, part of the Christchurch rebuild following the 2011 quakes.
What have been your greatest achievements to date?
Producing live TV – while working as an associate producer and reporter for Australia’s flagship current affairs discussion program. There is nothing more terrifying and exciting than the count down to going on the air, knowing that whatever happens will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people.
What do you enjoy about being a VA?
I enjoy working with a variety of interesting clients and finding out about their business goals, how they work and learning how best to work with them.
What do you see as the main benefits to an individual or business of outsourcing to a VA like yourself?
It’s super efficient. I am sure many businesses would love to have a digital media advisor or a permanent communications team on hand all the time, but this is not always realistic. So by employing a virtual advisor the business can have the best of both worlds. The support and advice they require and the flexibility of only committing to the hours they need depending on their business goals at that time.
Describe your work environment when you are virtually working.
I have renovated a garage into a home office. It has a view of the garden and sofa behind me where my dog, Jeffrey, is often sleeping while I work. It also happens to be in the middle of a remote wine village in New Zealand, so beyond the garden are lines of vines of mostly pinot noir grapes in every direction.
Work life balance is important to everyone – how do you manage yours?
I think it is very hard to separate work from life. For me to get a balance and fit everything in I try to ensure my priorities are right. Chilling out with loved ones and spending time at the beach are at the top of the list for me! I also find I am much more productive if I make time for some yoga before I start work each day.
Describe your ideal holiday getaway
Anywhere with waves, warmth and some interesting locals to chat to. Oh and great food, and lots of it!

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