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Sabina steps up with some big BNI news

As anyone in business knows, you do business with people you like. Our weekly meetings are intense, but their regularity allows a more consistent, credible dialogue with other businesses, and only good things can come from that.

This week’s blog is one of self-celebration, and rightly so as we bring some exciting news – one half of our managing director team Sabina Hinchliffe marks the beginning of a new personal and professional chapter with the news she has been appointed Chapter Director for BNI St Paul’s. Fear not – she remains very much at the joint helm alongside Sophie as before, but this additional title is an exciting recognition of the hard work of PA Business Support in not only generating business for itself, but also generating leads for others.
For those not in the know, BNI is in short, the world’s largest professional networking organisation with over 161,000 members around the globe, specialising in generating business referrals. With an estimated 13’000 members in the UK and Ireland alone, BNI is big for business. Based on the simple principle of ‘Givers Gain’ – BNI members across the UK attend regular Chapter meetings to network. Under a clear working structure, the association harnesses the power of credible business referrals with proven results. With each Chapter covering a geographical remit, it provides instant access to like-minded local businesses, allowing the opportunity to generate leads for new business via other businesses around you.
Sounds simple, but it works – in 2013 BNI members passed an estimated 5.4 million referrals with more than £3.95 billion in invoiced business. With four years previous experience of BNI in a former role, Sabina introduced PA Business Support to the association back in Feb 2015. Appointed by the incumbent director over the New Year, Sabina will now front the Chapter in a CEO style role, managing meetings, keeping to agenda and keeping a watchful tab on business invoiced to ensure the group is operating to it’s best potential. Able to handpick her immediate team, Sabina has chosen a Financial Advisor and Marketing expert to help take the Chapter in the right direction in the next 12 months.
As she explains, the simple principles of BNI make it an obvious choice for businesses looking to proactively make their mark on the local landscape. She says:

As anyone in business knows, you do business with people you like. Our schedule of weekly meetings can be intense, but their regularity allows a more consistent, credible dialogue with other businesses and only good things can come from that. We know each other better, we talk more. It’s hard work, but it pays off every time.

Playing such as key role in St Paul’s as one of 30 Chapters in the capital allows us to raise the profile of PA Business Support but also help other businesses too. So often everyone is focused on competition, and BNI takes a refreshing approach in generating business- everyone looking out for one another.

Particularly as a VA business, PA Business Support has already benefited from its applicability to business of other industries and professions with a common need. The exclusivity of BNI ensures there is no direct competition that in turn creates a very non-pressured or threatening networking opportunity. The formulation of ‘Power Groups’ which work on a micro level allow businesses to also connect on a more intimate level.
So what does all this news mean for existing clients of PA Business Support? Sabina says the opportunity will strengthen the business and is looking forward to the new challenges that lie ahead.

This new role gives me a new sense of confidence not just within BNI but also for the business as a whole. Stepping up this this new challenge shows everyone – our exciting clients, prospective clients, fellow businesses and my personal business contacts that I am committed to improve and grow personally and professionally.

It gives me a platform to present our brand and business in London, which is a new development for us – an exciting new opportunity to step things up a notch. If anything it strengthens all the fundamental values at the heart of our business – personable contact, professional networking and seamless support for our clients. I can’t wait to get stuck in and make an impact to grow the group into one of the most successful in central London.

Interested in finding out more about BNI? Visit their website at and find your local Chapter.

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