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Virtual Assistants for web design, copywriting, branding, project management and much more…

Think that a Virtual Assistant just clears your inbox? Oooh, how you’re missing out!

Virtual working is now the norm – and it’s probably here to stay (check out our most recent article: 4 predictions for the future of work post COVID-19). But for us at PA Business Support, we’re not just jumping on the bandwagon– if you’ve been reading our blog (and if not, why not? Check it out here) or following us on social media, then you’ll know, since our inception, we’ve always been HUGE advocates of the advantages of hiring a VA – especially for small to medium, and rapidly growing, businesses. We’ve been working with our clients for years. What you may not know is that our VA services don’t just stop at admin – and now that the entire world is embracing virtual working, we’re literally firing on all cylinders and ready to take off! Take a look at what we offer:

  • Diary & Travel Management
  • PA and Administrative Services
  • Marketing Support
  • Web and Graphic Design
  • Email Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Copywriting Services
  • CRM and Database Management

These services are designed, not just to take a load off your plate, but to actively benefit your business strategy and success. Our team of VAs have been carefully selected based on their expertise, which includes getting to know you and your business needs, understanding your clients or customers, and helping you achieve your longer-term goals. We select the person who will partner with you based on a proven track record that reflects your own requirements, and the great thing about PA Business Support is that our VAs will work in a way that suits you, with the flexibility you need, and fit into whatever schedule you keep. Our goal is to provide peace of mind, and support, on both sides, at all times, making sure the VA who partners with you is integrating seamlessly and successfully from start to finish. Obviously don’t just take our word for it – read some of our client testimonials.
Here’s some more ideas:

Managing your diary and clearing your inbox

OK, so yes, our traditional VAs will do this for starters. Perfect if you’ve got loads of things on your ‘To Do’ list that you simply don’t have the time ‘To Do’, or that just aren’t a priority (but they still need to get done). However, it’s not just about what a VA can do, it’s about what a VA frees you up to do – less stress and a lighter workload makes you more efficient at doing what you do best: running the business. If you’ve considered hiring an assistant and thought that you just don’t need (or have the budget for) a full time assistant, then a VA is the perfect choice.

Project management and event planning

Most of our VAs are highly experienced organisers and using them just to clear your diary is probably not using them to their full potential. A good VA bases their reputation (and ours) on not dropping balls and being incredibly thorough, so they make perfect project managers. Ready to pull a report at a moment’s notice, they can help keep you within budget, monitor and manage stakeholders, and maintain an eye on invoices and timesheets to make sure that contractors and freelancers are paid on time.

Marketing, website, social media and more…

This is where things get interesting: a typical thing we hear from our clients is, “we need to be doing more on social media” or, “we need to update our website”. If you want a website built, or a marketing strategy put together, then we have specialists we can bring in for a specialist fee. However, our VAs bring a lot of extra value: they can help fill in the gaps where your business needs to have other things besides straightforward admin support. For example, many of our VAs have experience of, or a background in, marketing support. They can do things like help update existing website content and monitor social media channels for customer queries and sales questions.

Web design and branding

And the buck doesn’t stop there. Let’s take a typical scenario: often, we’ll work with a business where the team is very good at selling. The service or product is great, and they are experts at building client or customer relationships. However, their branding is looking a bit stale, or outdated. They’ve been talking for a long time about a refresh. In addition to VAs, PA Business Support can provide experts in this area who will get to know your business intimately, and work with you (remotely) to design a look and feel for your company that will bring it up to speed with – and get ahead of – your competition.

In summary

Your business may have a million things it wants to do. PA Business Support Virtual Assistants are a way of getting the buck rolling if you’re not quite ready for the full-time hires. Hiring the right VA can save you time, and money, and make an impact which will help you achieve your business goals far sooner and more efficiently than if you were going it alone. So if that sounds like your kind of thing, get in touch with us now.

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