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Working with people you like

‘Remember Sophie, only work with people you like!’.
I was given this piece of advice when I first set up PA Business Support. In the beginning I was keen to work with anyone and everyone, but I soon realised that the key to any business success is working with good quality suppliers, clients and of course team-members. Most importantly people who have similar standards to you and your business.
PA Business Support is unique because we have a large team of skilled Virtual Assistants and we are passionate about matching clients and team members not only on experience but personality too. Our individuals actually enjoy what they do and work hard at building positive working relationships with our clients.
Research shows that people who have a good connection with work colleagues and clients are more productive and generally more engaged in what they do. It’s a no-brainer that when you like working with someone, the work becomes more enjoyable and in turn you deliver better results.
At PA Business Support we truly believe that the most important thing both for clients and our team is working with people that they connect with. Whether that’s virtually or in person, our goal is to always find the right support for you and your business.
If you are looking for ‘Mr or Mrs Right’ and want to talk to us about our team then we would be delighted to hear from you.

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