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Awards – Are they good for business?

In the world of business, small companies (and large) are all competing for clients and sales and we all want a slice of the pie. What makes a business stand out? A good brand, competitive rates? People you like to work with? Every business has something to offer, and we are all trying to carve their niche in an ever competitive marketplace.
If you don’t already follow us on various social platforms, we have just been made a finalist in The Great British Entrepreneurs Awards 2015 in the Micro Business category. Naturally we are very excited. We have worked hard to build a new business in just 9 months. We’ve built a team, developed a pipeline of potential clients, taken new clients on board and re-established old relationships. It’s been an incredible and exhilarating journey so far.  But what does an award actually signify?

Were we right to enter?

Absolutely! Will we get some promotion and exposure out of it – you bet! We will take advantage of anything put in front of us. Whilst we are grateful to be even shortlisted as a finalist, not to even mention if we might go on to win, to us; entering the award has given us a sense of achievement and we all like to be praised for good work!

Why did we enter the award?

We really do believe what we offer is of value to our clients. We want to be recognised for our day to day achievements – running a business is no easy task! We also hope to gain exposure from key stakeholders within our industry and have an edge over our competitors.
An award can attract attention in a way that self-promotion rarely can. We know we offer a great service and have a great team, but an award or even being in contention for an award has already elevated our status amongst our peers and business associates.

Which awards to enter?

There are hundreds of awards, locally and nationally. We picked an award that we thought was right for our business and where we want to be aiming for in the market. We want to attract attention on a national level.
We would without a doubt recommend entering business awards. It helps you and your organisation stand out from the crowd, sends out a positive message to your existing clients and can help you attract new business.
Wish us luck!

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