Sabina is a true gem! I came across a role advertised by luck really, and I’m so glad. If you are looking for a bespoke service you have come to the right place. Right from the start Sabina was warm, engaging and professional. Not all agencies are created equal and Sabina will show why she is miles ahead of the rest every step of the way. She constantly stayed in touched during the recruitment process and was always on hand to update me.

I found a great role and I’m so thankful for Sabina for believing in me – I highly recommend her to all that are in need of her services.


Sabina and Sophie are fantastic! I sent my CV to Sabina for a role that I was interested in. She emailed me back promptly, followed by a phone call to discuss the role in detail. Sabina made sure that I had all the information I needed and kept me up to date with regards to the interview process and the expected time frame. Sophie called me on the morning of the interview to wish me luck and once again to ask how it went. She remained in touch to reassure me that I would hear back from the company soon. Luckily, I was offered the position. These ladies were a pleasure to work with!


Our working relationship with PA Business Support has been amazing. You are responsive when we need you to be, intuitive about the type of support we require and always professional in your approach. Amanda is a great person to work with, friendly, flexible and always willing to take on whatever task we set her. Thank you for supporting us through such an exciting growth period. I would not hesitate to recommend PA Business Support.

Shamila Mhearban, Strategic Consultant, Gingko People

I have been delighted with the service I have received from PA Business Support. Even if you have reasonable keyboard skills when it comes to typing lengthy documents or reports, it is so easy to let PA Business Support do it for you. It makes so much sense to let them do the work for me, so I can focus on running the business or actually taking some well-deserved time for myself. The service is fast, efficient and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Simon Paul, Chairman

I want to thank you so much for your service Reena. When I began my contract with PABS 6 months ago, I was very clear on what I wanted to accomplish. This project completes all on my wish list and I certainly could not have achieved all of this without you. I appreciated that you were very open to my methods of working, including using Asana – it made a huge difference to me because it meant that I could follow on a day-to-day without e mail. I have been dreaming of working with a well running CRM and having all of my bookkeeping up to date. I am very grateful, and I hope to work together with you very soon.

Tally Elhyani, Entrepreneur

Following 3 years of managing everything ourselves, the business volumes had got to a stage of requiring further support. We found we were spending time on routine activities and not doing sufficient marketing and sales work to ensure a constant pipeline of new clients and project work. We decided to contract support on a virtual assistant basis, in keeping with our flexible resources and variable cost approach. We contracted with PA Business Support, as Sophie understood fully our requirements and was able to match a member of their team to our broad brief. 2 years in working with Jenny, we have been delighted with the support and work Jenny has produced for us. During this time we have managed to fully automate our back office system to simple app based interfaces and quick cloud software. Jenny has fully adopted this, allowing a high proportion of her time to be focused on supporting our clients, our contact network and marketing activities. During this period we have seen significant growth in our business and client base. We would highly recommend the virtual assistant resources managed by PA Business Support.

Peter & Tony Copsey, Fourth Dimension

After almost five years, things were going well for my micro business, but I was now so busy that things were falling through the cracks — I needed some help! As it was always just ‘me’ previously, I was unsure how or where to start, or how to ‘let go’. I found PA Business Support, and Sophie listened to my concerns and could not have made it easier. She suggested Jo as my VA, and we immediately clicked — it was like we’d been working together for years after only a couple weeks. Jo is highly skilled, self-motivated, diligent, and she has become ‘my team’. I would highly recommend PA Business Support.

Richard Nelson, Managing Director, Abyss Global Ltd

The team have been great to work with, very responsive with an interesting and diverse group of candidates to interview, all often offering different key qualities, providing a good selection. It was a great support and meant that the candidates put forward mostly met our requirements and we took them through to interview, avoiding the need to advertise and sift ourselves.

Laura Fedorciow, Managing Director, Vertigo Ventures

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