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These are the 2018 factors that PA Business Support say are killing your chances for successful new hires

Recruitment and talent acquisition can be daunting, not to mention a huge drain on time, budget and resources. In 2018 successfully hiring the best people is not as simple as offering the best compensation and letting your reputation do the rest. Here, we outline some factors that can impede or enhance your recruiting success, and how PA Business Support can help you tackle them…

In 2018, it is predominantly a candidate-driven market

This has been on the rise for some time, with more and more recruiters observing this trend: last year 90% of recruiters said today’s labour market is candidate-driven, up from 86% the previous year. What this means is that things like the number of interview rounds and the time it takes for an employer or hiring manager to make a decision are leading to missed opportunities – meanwhile the candidate accepts another offer. In short candidates have more choice and are more in demand, so you need to be quick. Hiring a recruitment agency can triple your turnaround time.

In 2018, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right people

A record high of 54% of small businesses looking to fill a position this year reported few or no suitable candidates (Source: NFIB). And job boards are not the answer – over 80% reported too many unqualified or junk CVs. Many cite this as their single most important business problem, second only to taxes. Why take the risk? PA Business Support are experts in finding the right people for the right roles, and we have huge networks to help us do it in a short space of time. Being a small, boutique agency means we provide a highly personal touch. In other words, if you need hand-holding throughout the process we can do just that. Or, you can just ‘fire and forget’ – we will do all the heavy-lifting for you. Our promise is this: we won’t pass you from pillar to post, and we will always send you quality over quantity, which means at most 4 or 5 CVs as opposed to 12 less-than-perfect matches.

In 2018, an attractive role is not what it used to be

Both employers and candidates say that a competitive salary is the number one factor in attracting prospective hires. That’s not surprising. What is surprising, however, are the other factors that employers often get wrong. While advancement opportunities and a collaborative environment remain close to the top, candidates are putting ‘work-life balance’ in second place (Source: MFInetwork) – something which employers are still putting way down the list. This is especially important with more junior positions, as Millennials and Generation Z continue to have completely different priorities to their predecessors.

In 2018, social media is taking centre stage in the hiring process

You might post a couple of open positions on Twitter, maybe on LinkedIn, but is this an informed strategy or an afterthought? The number of job seekers who are using social media in their search is increasing every year. Today this figure stands at 79% (86% for younger candidates in the first decade of their career) and it breaks down like this: Facebook: 67%. Twitter: 45%. LinkedIn: 40%. Instagram: 31%. Pinterest: 25%. Snapchat: 17%. (Source: Recruitics). This means your marketing department and social media managers need to be completely in synch with your HR strategy. However…

In 2018, LinkedIn is changing

With new premium access tiers and a greater division of the features that allow you to search for and identify the best talent, it is becoming increasingly challenging for an HR department to hire through LinkedIn – unless they know the platform really, really well. Even then, the bigger challenge is that, according to 76% of hiring decision makers, candidates have grown wary of contact through such networking sites (Source: Glassdoor). This means that it takes more time and more expertise on the platform to secure responses and interest in roles. The solution? Hire an agency. PA Business Support are highly experienced in using platforms like LinkedIn. We know what channels to use and how much time to dedicate to them to get results. This allows us to locate candidates who are actually going to be more engaged with the business and stay in the role for longer, bringing more value to the company in the long-term.

Why not save time, money and resources, and at the same time hire more engaged, more productive employees? Call us now on 020 3621 8076 or click here for a bespoke service with a quick turnaround time.

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