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9 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are a relatively new phenomenon. According to Wikipedia, it is estimated there are only up to 25,000 VA’s worldwide – it’s a rapidly growing profession as companies realise the benefits and more VA’s setup business, or join existing ones. So why exactly would you hire a VA? Here’s nine simple reasons why you need a virtual assistant:

1. You’re overloaded with work, but you can’t afford another full-time employee.

VA’s generally charge by the hour/day so you’re only paying for the work required. VA’s have lots of clients and could do as little as 5 hours per week if that was all that was required for a particular task. Hiring a VA also means you’re only paying for their time and not their insurance, taxes or benefits.

2. You need to be more active with social media, but don’t have time.

VA’s are often social media specialists. They can both setup accounts from scratch, apply your brand to company pages, schedule messaging and – most importantly – engage with your audience for you.

3. You can’t keep your diary organised, and appointments are stacking up.

Many executives don’t have time to manage their appointments and meetings, update arrangements on the go or spend time researching travel and accommodation so we do it for them.

4. Your inbox is a mess and you don’t have time to organise your emails.

VA’s can login to your email account remotely, keep things organised into folders, reply to prospects and clients when you’re on holiday and reduce the noise email can create.

5. You’re missing important calls as you rely on your own number being answered.

Call answering is vital for those who are on the road. Not everyone likes leaving messages so you could be losing business – VA’s can offer call answering services and dedicated numbers so you’ll never miss a vital business enquiry again.

6. You need basic bookkeeping taken care of, like invoices paid on time.

Many VA’s have bookkeeping skills and have experience of working in accounts departments. You may still have an accountant but a VA can keep the administration side of things in order when you don’t have time to liaise with them.

7. Your using a great CRM system but you don’t have time to update it.

CRMs are often the backbone of small businesses – but they are only as good as the data they contain. VA’s can keep your CRMs up to date and organised – plus most are now cloud based so they can do it remotely.

8. You want to host an event but don’t know where to start.

Event management is a time consuming task. From securing the right venue to dealing with delegates – it needs dedicated attention. This often another core VA skill – and something that can easily be achieved remotely.

9. You need to research into your competitors…

…but don’t have the time. Research is something we all struggle to find time for, whether it be competitor research or just keeping on top of industry news. An extra pair of eyes can make the difference when your business needs it most.
Sure, there’s plenty of other reasons why VA’s are being hired – feel free to drop a comment below and let me know!

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