Polaroid helen final

Meet our VA: Helen

What were you doing before you became a VA for PABS? I was PA to the Sales Director at the UK’s largest travel company for many years, and then for the Business Development Director and co-founder of a publishing company. More recently I was a PA to the Executive Director of a wonderful charity which…


Working with people you like

‘Remember Sophie, only work with people you like!’. I was given this piece of advice when I first set up PA Business Support. In the beginning I was keen to work with anyone and everyone, but I soon realised that the key to any business success is working with good quality suppliers, clients and of…

Meet georgie final

Meet our VA: Georgie

What were you doing before you became a social media and digital communications specialist for PABS? Contracting as a digital communications advisor in Australia and New Zealand. Including running a year-long interactive anniversary celebration for an Australian University and more recently managing online communication for the New Zealand government’s Earthquake Commission, part of the Christchurch…

Polaroid Mirielle finalvers

Meet our VA: Mireille

What were you doing before you became a VA for PABS? I was a PA in precision fabrics for the screen-printing and the filtration industry, pharmaceutical, Private Equity firms and not-for-profit organisations. What have been your greatest achievements to date? Organising 3 day-meetings for 200 people in various European cities, sorting out expenses spanning the…