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Singapore Launch

We are excited to announce that PA Business Support is going international! In the coming year, we will be launching a whole new office of executive virtual assistants in Singapore.

In the same vein as our UK office, we will be bringing our bespoke and specialized VA services – email and call taking, calendar and diary management, marketing and social media assistance to name a few – to clients in Singapore.
However, this won’t be just another outsourced virtual office or assistant service; our team will be comprised of executive assistants with years of experience of living and doing business in Singapore and Asia more generally.
At the same time, our two offices will be able to work in tandem, allowing us to offer overnight document writing and transcription services to clients in either time-zone.
Whether it’s a presentation that needs preparing for the morning, or legal documents that still haven’t been processed at the end of the day, we will be able to turn them around quickly overnight at a fraction of the price of a local service.
With such an exciting, new opportunity comes the need for new assistance and assistants. As such, we’d like to introduce Jacqueline Renz, a Singapore business veteran who will be spearheading the development of our office and brand in the city.
In her own words, Jacqueline’s career before PA Business Support is characterized by a wide-range of roles, skills and locations:
“I was a learning business partner for 28 years, with diverse and international experience in senior management consultation, organizational needs analysis and development and delivery. Originally in Zurich, I moved to Hong Kong as the first training representative for in Asia for Credit Suisse Private Banking, where I established a learning and development team for Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. I later moved to Singapore, where I’m still based and live with my 6-year old daughter, Nina. ”
“I’ve generally built up a wide and strong network across the Asia Pacific region, having worked and lived in Asia for 14 years now. I’m also well connected globally.”
In her private life and business, Cultivay, Jacqueline is an advocate and practitioner of natural living and health. She is currently training to become a health adviser as well as a Kundalini yoga teacher.
Using her vast and varied experience and knowledge of region, we will put together a team of experienced, local VAs in Singapore, develop our skillset and services, and network with clients and businesses throughout the city.
With a lack of dedicated and specialist virtual assistant services in the region, we believe that PA Business Support will has something great to offer to executives, professionals and startups alike in Singapore.
“I appreciate the opportunity to represent PA Business Support in Singapore, pioneering and establishing their network and services in the city. I work with a variety of clients in the Asia Pacific region to discover their business goals, how they work and how best to collaborate with them, and I look forward to doing the same and working closely with PA Business Support.”

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