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Valuing Your Time – How Delegating Tasks Can Save You Time

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At PA Business Support, we meet and work with business owners from across the UK and Europe. There is huge diversity in the sectors that they represent, and the services and products they provide. Even the size of the organisations we work with varies; from small, single director companies, to larger nationals with staff at their disposal. Despite this, and no matter who we speak to or what their company’s size, what remains the same is the way in which introducing a virtual (VA) or personal (PA) assistant to their team can benefit them.

Whenever a business looks to make an investment, it is important to consider the value of the arrangement. In terms of marketing, for example, you might base the value of a specific campaign on how many leads you generate, or how engaged your audience is on social media. Once you have the statistics and analytics in hand, it is easy to evaluate how successful, and therefore valuable, that particular marketing service was for your business.

How to Assess Your Value?

Assessing the value of a PA or VA is slightly different. These individuals are not sales persons: they are not there to generate leads, or engage your audience. Their expertise will not be in cold calling or content writing, and asking them to manage your email marketing campaign is unlikely to get you results. There are experts out there for marketing services, and companies that use their VA or PA in this way are very often disappointed. Expecting an admin assistant to generate money for your business is the wrong way to calculate their value.
Instead, the value comes through the generation of time. As a business owner, how much do you value your time at? Most individuals will be able to quantify this quite easily, through either an hourly or daily rate. Failing that, their value might be measured by how many items they are able to sell in a particular timeframe. Of course, whatever you value your time at, this is only ever fee-earning time. The time when you are pitching your product to secure a sale, or performing the service for which you will invoice a client. This is time that is spent actually generating money.

Delegating Less Profitable Tasks

The times when you are not earning money will be when you are instead forced to undertake administrative tasks. Your back office admin is extremely important, and a necessity to your business, but drags you away from fee earning. From organising diaries and travel arrangements to the simple streaming and updating of your Customer Relationship Management process, these are tasks that help your business to grow but are a long term process.
By delegating these useful but less immediately profitable tasks, you open up your diary to those that are. Time, in this instance, really does mean money. If a task can be completed in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of your own personal monthly or daily charge, then surely it is a task worth sharing. This allows you to focus on your core business development, and dedicate time to your marketing too. Efficiency can be a huge benefit to a growing business, with continuity breeding success.

At PA Business Support, we know how valuable time is. That is why we are experts in giving it back to our clients. Why waste it on administrative tasks when your skills lay elsewhere? Focus on what you do and let us do the rest. If you value your time, then speak us today and see exactly what a virtual or personal assistant can achieve for you.

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