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How to scale up and grow your business using a Virtual PA

There comes a time in every business’s life where it’s necessary to expand. When it’s time to focus on new revenue opportunities.

Increased demand on you and your employees means hiring new staff…or does it? Hiring a virtual PA can be a smarter, more profitable move that can actually help grow the business and bring a greater return-on-investment than a permanent hire. This is because a virtual PA brings with them a number of significant benefits which allow you to:

Focus on growing the business. Forego the time and stress involved in recruiting, hiring and training the right person for a permanent role. At PA Business Support, we put all our virtual PAs through a stringent selection process. As a result, they are guaranteed to come highly trained and highly experienced, allowing you to focus on the business priorities – your time is literally money, and you could be spending it making some.

Keep an eye on your budget. If your priority is securing new opportunities, distribution of funds across the business will be key. You may require more staff, but your budget may not be ready for a full-time, permanent hire. In which case a virtual PA service can be significantly more cost-effective than recruiting a new employee: you only pay for a set number of hours per month and things such as sick-pay, holiday allowances and taxes are all covered by the agency. It is estimated that, in general, hiring virtual assistants can save you as much as 40 percent in business expenses.

Adapt to the business’s performance. Virtual PAs don’t have set schedules unless you want them to. Bearing in mind that there is usually a minimum number of hours per month – our monthly packages start at 20 hours, for instance – you can vary the way you distribute their workload. So for example, if one week your business needs a little more support over certain days, you can work together with your virtual PA to agree a way to ensure you receive the best coverage. At PA Business Support, we never charge you additional hours unless agreed in advance, and we schedule regular reviews on your chosen retainer package to make sure it fits with your requirements.

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Increase the productivity of in-house employees. Empower your permanent workforce by taking the mundane day-to-day admin activities away from them. These activities can include things like filtering emails, managing calendars and appointments, updating CRM software, preparing payroll or bookkeeping. Consequently, your in-house team can focus on “the big wins”.

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Add practical value to the business. Finally, many virtual PAs are not just secretarial – they often have a wide range of business experience related to the role. From social media, to managing client relationships, to basic creative or marketing skills, they are perfect for when you need that “second set of eyes” or someone to go the extra mile.

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Whatever shape or size your business takes, if you are serious about your projected growth, factoring in a virtual PA can significantly impact your success. Many of our virtual PAs end up becoming indispensable to our clients, integral to their brands and fundamental to the long-term success of their businesses. Talk to us now to find out how that can be you.

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